Hiroshige II's series 'Thirty-six Views of the Eastern Capital (Tōto sanjūrokkei)' (1861-1862)


This page attempts to catalog all known prints in Hiroshige II's series 'Tōto sanjūrokkei (東都 三十六 景 - Thirty-six Views of the Eastern Capital)'.

The series title is in the vertical rectangular cartouche in the top right corner; the title of each individual print is in the fan-shaped cartouche to its left.

The series dates from the middle of Hiroshige II's career, when he was in his mid-thirties (35-36 years old). At this point, he was using the name 'Hiroshige', since his master Hiroshige I had died (in 1858), and Hiroshige II had taken over the 'Hiroshige'; the prints in this series are signed 'Hiroshige'.

Technical details

A page with the complete series (in Japanese), with images originally from the National Diet Library, is available here.

The Prints

The series does not appear to be numbered; prints are shownn in date order, and within a given date set, they are given in order of the name in rōmaji.

To see a larger, roughly full-screen, image of any print, please click on the thumbnail; these images are sized to produce fine detail, and are only moderately compressed.

Images Number Date Title (Kanji) Title (Rōmaji) Title (English) Description
Title Page Circa 1862
1861/6 増上寺 朝霧 Zōjō-ji asagiri Morning Mist at Zōjō Temple
Circa 1862 飛鳥山 Asuka-yama Asuka Hill
Circa 1862 深川 八まん Fukagawa Hachiman Fukagawa Hachiman Shrine
Circa 1862 日くらし の 里 Higurashi no sato Higurashi Village
Circa 1862 王子 稲荷 Ōji Inari Ōji Inari Shrine
Circa 1862 亀戸 梅 やしき Kameido ume yashiki Plum Garden, Kameido
Circa 1862 神田 明神 Kanda Myōjin Myōjin Shrine in Kanda
Circa 1862 柳しま 妙けん(堂) Yanagishima Myōken(dō) Myōkendō Temple at Yanagishima
Circa 1862 日本橋 Nihon-bashi Nihon Bridge View of the river and the town beyond from the newell post on the Nihon-bashi Bridge.
Circa 1862 お茶の水 Ocha-no-mizu Tea Water Canal
Circa 1862 両国橋 Ryōgoku-bashi Ryōgoku Bridge
Circa 1862 下谷 広小路 Shitaya Hirokō-ji Hiroko Road, Shitaya
Circa 1862 不忍池 Shinobazu-ike Shinobazu Pond
Circa 1862 高輪 海岸 Takanawa kaigan The shoreline at Takanawa
Circa 1862 鎧 の 渡し Yoroi no watashi Yoroi Ferry
1862/3 堀切 Horikiri Horikiri
1862/3 海案寺 紅葉 Kaian-ji kōyō Red maple leaves at Kaian Temple
1862/3 中洲 三ッ俣 Nakazu Mitsumata Mitsumata Middle Strand An eight-acre island called Nakazu ("Middle Strand") was constructed in the early 1770s; it soon became the new pleasure center of the city, with ninety-three teahouses, three bathhouses, and various restaurants. Destroyed in 1789, it was reclaimed by the Tokyo government in 1886.
1862/3 外 さくらた Soto-Sakurada Soto-Sakurada Soto-Sakurada was the district where many daimyō had their residences. It was next to Edo castle, residence of the then-Shogun; we see the castle's moat in this image.
1862/3 山王 権現 雪中 Sannō Gongen setchū Sannō Gongen Shrine in Snow
1862/3 猿わかまち Saruwaka-machi Saruwaka District
1862/3 隅田川 三囲 り堤 Sumida-gawa Mimeguri tsutsumi Mimeguri Embankment on the Sumida River
1862/3 洲さき 汐干狩 Susaki shiohi-gari Gathering Shellfish at Low Tide at Susaki
1862/3 滝の川 紅葉 Takinogawa kōyō Maple leaves at Takinogawa The name (literally, "Waterfall River") refers not to the river shown here (which is actually the Shakujii River), but to the area South of the river, including the village of the same name. The name is old, and may or may not refer to the waterfalls found along the river here.
1862/3 上野 満花 之 詠 Ueno manka no ei Poem of the Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom at Ueno
1862/4 本郷通り Hongo-dōri Hongo Street
1862/5 浅草 金竜山 Asakusa Kinryūzan Kinryūzan Temple in Asakusa
1862/5 愛宕山 Atago-yama Mount Atago
1862/6 今戸橋 真乳山 Imado-bashi Matsuchi-yama Imado Bridge and Matsuchi Hill
1862/6 亀戸 天満宮 Kameido Tenmangū Kameido Tenmangū Shrine
1862/6 霞ヶ関 雪中 Kasumigaseki setchū Kasumigaseki in Snow
1862/6 向しま 花屋敷 七草 Mukōjima hanayashiki nanakusa Autumn Flowers in the Garden at Mukōjima
1862/6 関屋 の さと Sekiya no sato Sekiya Village
1862/6 佃しま 漁舟 Tsukuda-jima gyoshū Fishing boats at Tsukuda Island
1862/6 吉原 中之町 Yoshiwara Naka-no-chō Naka Sector in the Yoshiwara
1862/9 湯島 天神 Yushima Tenjin Yushima Tenjin Shrine

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