Hiroshige II's series 'Thirty-six Views of Fuji (Fuji sanjūrokkei)' (1867)


This page attempts to catalog all known prints in Hiroshige II's series 'Fuji sanjūrokkei (富士 三十六 景 - Thirty-six Views of Fuji)'.

The series title is at the right-hand side of the rectangular cartouche in the top right corner; the title of each individual print is to the left.

The series dates from the very end of Hiroshige II's career, when he was about forty-one years old. By this point, he had already taken up the name Risshō, and the prints in this series are signed 'Risshō'.

Technical details

The Prints

To see a larger, roughly full-screen, image of any print, please click on the thumbnail; these images are sized to produce fine detail, and are only moderately compressed.

Images Number Date Title (Kanji) Title (Romaji) Title (English) Description
1867/3 羽根田之浦 Haneda no ura The Bay at Haneda

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