Hiroshige II's series 'Collection of Famous Places in the Eastern Capital in the Four Seasons (Tōto Shiki Meisho Zukushi)' (1862)


This page attempts to catalog all known prints in Hiroshige II's series 'Tōto Shiki Meisho Zukushi (東都 四季 名所 盡 - Collection of Famous Places in the Eastern Capital in the Four Seasons)'.

This series is a joint work with Toyokuni III; he was responsible for the large figure in the foreground, and Hiroshige II produced the landscape scene in the background panel.

The series title is in the rectangular cartouche with the curved ends in the top right corner.

The series dates from the end of Hiroshige II's career, when he was about thirty-six years old. At this point, he was still using the name 'Hiroshige', since his master Hiroshige I had died (in 1858), and Hiroshige II had taken over the 'Hiroshige'; the prints in this series are signed 'Hiroshige'.

Technical details

The Prints

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Images Number Date Title (Kanji) Title (Romaji) Title (English) Description
1862/11 Tori no Machi Ichi

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